Fitness & Sports

Life is movement

Daily changing exercise program

A large lovingly designed gymnastics room is available to our house guests.

Daily changing exercise program from Mondays to Saturdays (with sufficient participation) complete above all the prevention program for your health. A trained therapist accompanies you through the varied offer:

  • Breathing gymnastics
  • Fascia training
  • Back gymnastics
  • Cervical gymnastics
  • Brunkow mortise and lower exercises
  • Water gymnastics
  • Aquanudel gymnastics
  • Stool gymnastics
  • Hatha yoga and meditation
  • Belly-legs-po
  • Autogenic training (actions)
  • Progressive muscle relaxation (actions)
  • Dream journeys (actions)
  • Walk in Balance (Outdoor) Here you find our current dates in the summer months

Here you can find an excerpt from our movement program