Just sit comfortably

Enjoy sunny days from April to October on our managed outdoor terrace, with a view of the orchard and herb meadows. In the background the Black Forest. Here with us on the plateau in the Landhotel Talblick your wellness hotel in the Black Forest, the sun is guaranteed to shine longer for you !

In the afternoon with homemade cakes from Grandma Gerda's Swabian bakery and coffee specialties, delicious ice cream sundaes or a cool iced tea and in the evening let the day end romantically by candlelight with a good Viertele wine or a freshly tapped cool Pilsener.

On our panoramic roof terrace you can fully enjoy your sunbathing undisturbed with a sparkling glass of Prosecco, a cappuccino, chai latte or a fragrant cup of coffee.

Enjoy the unique view of the Teinach valley. Let your eyes wander over the forests, meadows and fields of the Black Forest. The silence that you will encounter here with us will enthral and fascinate you to the same. Let yourself in for it ! Wellness vacation in the Black Forest means simply enjoyment.