Happy autumn holiday

Where woodruffers and spruce gnomes wander. Pure Black Forest pleasure...


4 nights


Take advantage of the relaxed beginning and middle of the week to get to know our uniquely beautiful region and us.

from 516,-€

Happy Autumn

3 nights

In the morning, the mist that comes up from the Teinach valley mystically settles on the forests and meadows around the Landhotel Talblick. During the day, the still warm rays of the sun tickle our minds on larger or smaller hikes. The clear fresh Black Forest air cranks up the happiness hormones. Now begins the absolute feel-good season.


Enjoy the comfort and the joie de vivre that surrounds you in our house. We will pamper you so that you will not want to leave this beautiful corner of the world.

from 496,-€ per person

Black Forest Pleasure & Herb Beautiful

4 nights

Slowly, leaf after leaf falls from the colorful trees. Every path is densely sown and it rustles when you walk. "With autumn comes the Ruh..... and the awakening of the wonderful Black Forest herbs and also the monastery brewing pleasure."

from 773,-€ per person

Yoga-Retreat im Herbst vom 07. - 10. November 2024

3 Nächte

Tanken Sie ein paar Tage neue Energie vor der schönen, aber auch anstrengende Vorweihnachtszeit.

Oder finden Sie gerade in dieser besinnlichen Zeit zu sich Selbst. Hören Sie in sich hinein und nehmen Sie sich wieder wahr.

Das Wort „Yoga“ heißt Einheit von Körper, Geist u. Seele.

ab 639,-- pro Person