Breathing space

Ayurveda makes happy

In addition to nutrition and medical treatments, individually tailored combinations of various oils, herbs and pressed seeds are used in Ayurvedic massage.

The yoga individual therapy classes with our trained yoga instructor Petra optimally complement our offer in order to cope with everyday life more calmly again and to be more satisfied. Try us out...


Traditional Indian medicine

Abhyanga | Full body massage
Duration approx. 80 min. - 120,-- €

It is the queen of external oil applications in Ayurveda. It makes the body soft and supple. It stimulates the organism and supports it intensively in the elimination of waste products and toxins. It has a strengthening, harmonizing, vitalizing effect and improves the body's defenses.

Mukabhyanga | facial oil massage
Duration approx. 50 min. - 75,- €

Is a very nice head, face and décolleté application with special massage techniques. It relieves tension under the surface of the skin, promotes blood circulation, lymphatic flow and the removal of metabolic residues. It improves muscle tone and gives softer contours.

Garshan | Silk Glove Massage
Duration approx. 40 min. - 60,- €

Activates lymphatic flow, improves blood circulation, cleanses the skin of dead skin cells and supports tissue tightening, recommended for cellulite.

Shirodhara | Forehead Oil Infusion
Duration approx. 40 min. - 60,-- €

Shirodhara, the forehead cast with warm oil, represents one of the most beautiful and pleasant applications in Ayurveda. The steady stream of warm oil over the forehead puts the entire body and mind into a state of deep calm. The often scratched nervous system is calmed, the body energies and the tensions caused by stress are balanced. A small facial lymph massage completes this application.

Yoga therapy
Duration 60 min. 90,-€

No matter what age we are, our life is always in motion. It is a work of art that we continually create. Our life is our teacher and always brings us new tasks and challenges. We are all not getting any younger, and our lifespan is lengthening. Yoga is a path that can support us wonderfully and offers many possibilities to stay strong and flexible for a long time; and that not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. In yoga therapy the respective exercises (comparable to physiotherapeutic exercises) are adapted to the individual needs of a person. A yoga therapy session ( 60 minutes) includes:

Initial relaxation, adapted yoga exercises, deep relaxation - Yoga Nidra.

Cheerfully and calmly walk our life path...