Tiled Stove Lounge

Pleasure and ambience

You love colorful cocktails and sophisticated aperitifs - modernity and tradition!

Just as the Black Forest tradition unites with modernity in our tiled stove lounge "Oberer Wald" - the different ingredients for delicious drinks mix at our bar.

Cocktail classics or house aperitifs, digestifs, exquisite wines and beer specialties round off the evenings with good conversations for two or in company at our Landhotel Talblick.

Let yourself be carried away into the world of the charcoal burners, cone pickers, forest workers and raftsmen of yesteryear or flirt with the modern Black Forest girls on the walls.

In the afternoon, in the cozy coffee klatsch round, the delicious Swabian cakes and pies from Grandma Gerda's bakery taste especially good. And that cozy warm at the cozy tiled stove.

After each fulfilling day and crowning beautiful evening hours, you can then start contentedly into sweet dreams. It is just infinitely pleasant... to be really pampered again and that in your Landhotel Talblick.

3D view of our hotel

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