Bathing world & sauna

Full bathing bliss

Bliss in the Black Forest

Our elegant indoor swimming pool... with a water temperature of 29 degrees Celsius you can enjoy as our house guest from 6 o'clock in the morning until 9 o'clock in the evening every day.

Water gymnastics... Water sports equipment such as aqua noodles or aqua gloves alternate the program in the water. Comfortable lovingly designed

relaxation corner... with a view of the valley view garden invites you to rest after swimming.

Wellness baths - pure relaxation

Bath treatment followed by a small back massage

40 min. - 60,- €

Medicinal herbs oil baths

Spruce needle
20 min. - 28,- €

Has a refreshing effect during fatigue, strengthens the body's defenses

Hay Flower
20 min. - 28,- €

Stimulating and nurturing, accompanying therapy for rheumatic complaints

20 min. - 28,- €

Skin nourishing, refreshing and purifying, for tired legs.

20 min. - 28,- €

Refreshed and relaxed

Valerian hops
20 min. - 28,- €

Calming & sleep inducing

Beer brew bath
20 min. - 28,- €

Unique combination with enzymatic, metabolism-promoting effect.

Aroma oil baths

Duration 20 min. - 28,- €

The invigorating power of essential oils from activating ginger and refreshing lime awakens the senses and acts as an energy boost on a busy day.

Duration 20 min. - 28,- €

The balancing effect of the essential oil of Damask rose and nourishing sea buckthorn gently brings us to the center and promotes inner balance.

Nourishing vitality baths

Cleopatra Bath
Duration 20 min. - 28,- €

A "divine" bath from an almond/coconut milk mixture of a special kind.

Evening primrose oil bath
Duration 20 min. - 28,- €

The pleasant and refatting bath is a special treatment for many skin irritations.

Alkaline detox bath
Duration 20 min. - 28,- €

Stimulates the skin to eliminate acids and toxins and causes a pleasant self-lubrication of the skin.

Beer brew bath
Duration 20 min. - 28,- €

The invention of the beer bath dates back to the Middle Ages and is particularly popular again today. We are also reviving this ancient monastic tradition - with a skin-caring, mood-lifting, cell-activating bath. Hops, malt and yeast, but also almond oil, urea pura, macadamia nut oil and marigold extract do the skin good and leave a well-groomed, velvety appearance. Makes a man want more...

Stone oil bath
Duration 20 min. - 30,- €

Bath of rest and relaxation. To support the stressed musculoskeletal system. Without whirlpool operation.

Our sauna area

The Little Black Forest Paradise offers each guest unique sauna experiences for their personal needs.

Finnish sauna with color therapy

Temperatures between 80 and 95 °C with only ten percent humidity. For detoxification and purification of the body.

Crystal steam sauna

Humid room climate with a temperature of 45-55°C. Ideal for cleansing the skin and respiratory tract.

Medical infrared sauna

Temperatures from 35 to 45 degrees Celsius (infrared heat cabin). Suitable especially for cardiovascular patients. Effect: Due to the infrared energy, the heat radiation penetrates the skin and causes sweating from the inside to the outside. Good for the condition of the heart vessels.

Experience shower with a dousing shower, Kneipp hose, bucket shower get the circulation going. After the sauna sessions you can breathe in good oxygen-rich Black Forest air into your lungs in the romantically and lovingly laid out panorama sauna garden or simply enjoy sunbathing on the large sunbathing lawn. Enjoy the soothing relaxation in our relaxation room with a view of the valley view garden and the Angelbach valley. Fruit, many delicious teas, as well as a selection of vital and gemstone waters can be found at the tea and water bar. A Talblick wellness bag with sauna and bath towels is waiting for each guest in their room. There are also additional towels in the sauna and bathing area.