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"Our alkaline cure"

Regenerate and feel like newborn. Recharge your batteries. Start NOW to do something good for your health and at the same time relax and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

The healthy vacation for spring!

Experience with all your senses. The Black Forest offers you the ideal setting for your healthy vacation

- Clean oxygen-rich air, unspoiled nature with spruce forests, meadows, many herbs and clean spring water. Nature - pure

Tiredness, fatigue and listlessness are a thing of the past. Selected treatments and activities that will boost the metabolism and rebalance the acid-base balance.

Our alkaline treatment is based on the 4 pillars of balanced health and to maintain it.

Relaxation - Exercise - Healthy alkaline-rich diet - Positive thinking You will enjoy the Talblick-Balance alkaline cure! Take your time - it's worth it - because you will be rewarded for it - Our Balance Team has put together many supporting applications for you and is available to you with advice and action Whether you book our trial days or the complete cures, there is certainly the right thing for everyone.

We are happy to advise you!