Hiking & Nordic Walking in the Black Forest

On foot through the Teinach Valley and our Northern Black Forest

Landhotel Talblick is "Quality host"!

Since 2005, the German Hiking Association, together with regional tourism cooperation partners, has been setting nationwide quality standards for hiking-friendly accommodation and catering establishments. We at Landhotel Talblick are naturally part of it! In contrast to regional quality seals, the brand "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland" is the only nationwide and tested certificate for hiking-friendly hosts in Germany - and thus a transparent and reliable orientation aid for planning and booking accommodation and refreshment stops: Quality you can rely on.

"Walking is an activity of the legs and a state of the soul."

Hiking in the Black Forest - through mountain and valley to ever new impressions

Do you also feel it ....the WALDBEBEN! Because with your hiking boots you can experience so much with us...

...tie your laces tight, grab your poles, "Hucke Pack" your hiking backpack and let's go explore the magical hiking triangle around the Teinachtal in the Northern Black Forest. At any time of the year you will find unique hiking experiences here.

Whether you choose the popular guided themed hiking tours with our Black Forest guide Jürgen Rust (registration, for a fee), the Nordic Walking Tour "My Dr. Wald" with the spa manager Gudrun or explore our signposted house hiking trails on your own - with hiking boots you can experience so much with us . You can also hike two certified premium hiking trails with us in the Teinach Valley. These offer you extraordinary hiking experiences, views that broaden your horizons, contact with the elements of the beautiful wild nature of the Northern Black Forest.

The popular 14 km long WASSER-WALD-UND WIESENPFAD starts with the entrance in Bad Teinach on the Zavelstein and leads you over lovely meadows, through enchanting forests with original brooks past exciting rock structures. On the youngest premium hiking trail DER TEINACHER you can expect exciting past, idyllic valleys and unspoiled nature. Other certified quality hiking trails and Augenblick-Runden in our region also offer exceptional views for hiking enthusiasts and unique hiking experiences.

And should your hiking boots get the first holes from walking with us in the beautiful Teinach valley, the Landhotel-Talblick shuttle will conveniently pick you up again.

Our hiking service for you

  • Drying room for your equipment and clothes
  • Laundry service for your clothes (fee)
  • Current weather information
  • Storage trays for your hiking boots in the room
  • Short-term accommodation of hiking guests for one night only, subject to availability
  • Hiking knowledgeable staff who will provide information on local hiking offers and opportunities as well as tour suggestions with additional information material for you.
  • Filling of your water bottles free of charge with Black Forest spring water
  • Pick-up and drop-off service to nearby hiking trails
  • Luggage transport to the next accommodation for a fee
  • Hiking and Nordic walking sticks
  • Quality backpack on loan for the entire stay - filled on request (for a fee)
  • Hiking pharmacy
  • Hiking maps


Unsere Wanderpauschale

7 Nächte / 14 Nächte

Entdecken Sie 7 Tage oder länger Wandererlebnisse in unserer wildromantischen Nordschwarzwaldregion, mit unendlichen Möglichkeiten für das leidenschaftliche Wanderherz.

Egal in welcher Jahreszeit...dort wo Waldmeister und Fichtenwichtel wandern.

ab 1043,– € pro Person

Wanderrouten in der Umgebung

The Teinacher (premium hiking trail)

  • about 4,5 hours
  • 11.5 km
  • Aufstieg: 442 Hm
  • Abstieg: 442 Hm
  • 605 Hm
  • 371 Hm

An exciting past, idyllic valleys, unspoiled nature and beautiful views form the framework of the gourmet trail and premium trail "Der Teinacher". The trail takes its name not only from the Teinach River but also from the famous Teinach mineral water. The theme of enjoyment, water, repeatedly touches the hiker along the quite demanding, but equally eventful tour. The special highlights, such as the Mathildenanlage with over 600 steps, are just as astonishing as the romantic half-timbered town with the castle ruins of Zavelstein.

Water, forest and meadow trail - (gourmet trail) Premium hiking trail

  • about 4,5 hours
  • 13,6 km
  • Aufstieg: 374 Hm
  • Abstieg: 374 Hm
  • 609 Hm
  • 385 Hm

The water, forest and meadow trail can be started from the hotel directly at the hiking home in Zavelstein (7 km). Best parking possibilities are available.

The now for a few years very popular 14 km long WATER-WALD-AND WIESENPFAD starts from us with the entrance in Bad Teinach on the Zavelstein and leads you over lovely meadows, through enchanting forests with original streams and past exciting rock structures.

Moment Verweile doch round Neuweiler-Agenbach

  • 2 hours
  • 8,5
  • Aufstieg: 267 hm
  • Abstieg: 265 hm
  • 761 hm
  • 523 hm

The best way to explore the Naturpark-AugenBlick Agenbach (2 km from the hotel) is on an entertaining hike. The AugenBlick loop first leads through the village center of Agenbach and then down into the picturesque valley of the small Enz River. There the hiking trail follows the course of the river and passes fish ponds. It then leads through dense forest in a narrow side valley of the Enz back to the high plateau, the starting point of the tour.

Quality hiking trail 7-mountain trail around Nagold

  • 7 hrs.
  • 21,3 km
  • Aufstieg: 580 hm
  • Abstieg: 580 hm
  • 583 hm
  • 394 hm

7-mountain trail

A demanding hike awaits the hiker here, which at 22km is quite long for a day hike, and there are seven mountains waiting along the way. If you don't want to hike the entire tour in one piece, you can also do it in stages; there are signposted feeder routes in several places. The circular hike leads once around Nagold over the following mountains: Schlossberg, Killberg, Lemberg, Ziegelberg/Steinberg, Wolfsberg, Galgenberg and Eisberg. The access to the hiking sections is always via marked trails of the Schwarzwaldverein.

The blueberry trail

  • 3,45 hrs
  • 12,6 km
  • Aufstieg: 373 hm
  • Abstieg: 373 hm
  • 805 hm
  • 585 hm

Discover the "blue gold" of the Black Forest on the approx. 12km long blueberry trail around the forests of Enzklösterle. On the varied circular hiking trail you will cross a moss-covered rocky landscape. Beautiful views of the blueberry village of Enzklösterle invite you to dream.

Nature and forest trail Oberkollwangen

  • 35 min
  • 2,3 km
  • Aufstieg: 12
  • Abstieg: 12
  • 720
  • 708

The nature trail was created by a private initiative of the "Landhotel Talblick" in cooperation with the municipality of Neuweiler. Due to the ever-growing interest in nature conservation, the idea came up to build a forest nature trail in Oberkollwangen, in order to present as many questions as possible that concern our local region in a well-founded way in text and pictures. The forest nature trail was created in 1992 and was completely redirected in the summer of 2014. On the flat circular path (barrier-free) of about 2.5 km in the hiking area "Angel-Misswiesen" 10 educational boards, as well as various tree educational boards were distributed. Start and end point is the sports field in Neuweiler-Oberkollwangen.


An educational bee stand integrated into the nature trail attracts many interested people every year.

Talblick's house hiking trail "Der Gelbe

  • 2 h 16 min.
  • 8,9 km
  • Aufstieg: 91 Hm
  • Abstieg: 99 Hm
  • 716 Hm
  • 623 Hm

Landhotel Talblick house hiking trail "Yellow" route leads around the forest hoof village


This panoramic circular hike over the idyllic high villages of Breitenberg and Neuweiler offers again and again breathtaking views over the Black Forest to the Swabian Alb.

Talblick's house hiking trail "The White One

  • 3 h 32 min.
  • 13,3 km
  • Aufstieg: 223 Hm
  • Abstieg: 229 Hm
  • 728 Hm
  • 513 Hm

Circular hiking trail around the wooded village of Oberkollwangen with a descent into the Teinach valley and back to the plateau.


Start and starting point are the Landhotel Talblick Neuweiler - Oberkollwangen

Moment round Neuweiler - Oberkollwangen

  • 3 hours
  • 11 km
  • Aufstieg: 196
  • Abstieg: 196
  • 715 m
  • 519 m

This eventful circular hike opens the views up to the Swabian Alb


At the idyllically located sports field Oberkollwangen in the forest, there are enough parking spaces for the start of the panoramic tour. Right at the beginning of the hike, shady forests and dreamy little roads lead to the AugenBlick site with breathtaking distant views of the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb.


The gigantic panoramic view accompanies the hiker downhill into the idyllic Angelbachtal, along a path to the Oberkollwanger Säge.


The ascent over natural paths to the high altitude village of Breitenberg is somewhat more strenuous. Here the fantastic view spoils the hiking friends, but not only the eye, but also the palate.


You can take a refreshment stop at the Landhotel Talblick in Oberkollwangen.